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Use Keelcrab to remove vegetation

Keelcrab is an innovative technology used to mantain the hull cleaned from any sort of vegetation growth, without damaging or removing the antifouling paint.  

Use Keelcrab for constant and frequent cleaning

Depending on the water temperature and its microclimate we suggest to use Keelcrab every three months. For a total of 4-5 cleaning in one  year. 

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Saving on antifouling paint for 2-3 years

Keelcrab nylon brush removes the first algae layer up to 3 cm, with the aim to make antifouling last longer.

Prevent barnacles and shells growth

 If you maintain hull with constant cleanings, Keelcrab will keep efficient antifouling.


The only part of the hull that Keelcrab is not able to clean is propeller, that's why we also provide our client with Ultracrab.

 Why Keelcrab is an efficient equipment for hull cleaning

Compatible with most of Antifouling paints

Keelcrab nylon brushes are compatible with most of the antifouling paint now on the market and they are certified to not remove any of the paint during the cleaning.

Hard matrix antifouling paint

Siliconic paint

Green paint

Spare parts and accessories

A complete set of accessories and spares part kit is provided at the purchase of Keelcrab Pro Pack so to avoid waiting time for long distance shipment for replacement parts. As optionals is also important to mention the Keelcrab bag to comply all possible Environmental Regulation.

Keelcrab bag to collect debris

Spare parts kit available

100 hours: life time of 1 brush

Standard 220 V (110 V) on a Kevlar Cable Power

Keelcrab is powered with a 20 mt kevlar cable and a plug from 110 V to 220 V for the standard of the marina worldwide.

Standard plug for marinas worldwide

Possibility to request a kit for inverter generator to use remotly

Cable power up to 80 mt extensions

"Our greater challenge is to change the mindset of many people in the marine business and their beliefs."

Fabio Terzaghi
CEO & Product Manager

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